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What Makes Baby Teeth Different from Adult Teeth?

Posted on 12/20/2018 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
What Makes Baby Teeth Different from Adult Teeth?During your lifetime you have two sets of teeth. The first set is your baby teeth and the second set are your adult teeth. There are some obvious differences that people can see in these two sets of teeth.

There are other differences that you may not know about. Learning some of the differences can help you keep all your teeth healthier throughout a lifetime.

It Starts with the Name

While many refer to these teeth as baby and adult, they also go by different names. Baby teeth are deciduous teeth. Adult teeth are the permanent teeth. The name suggests a big part of the difference. By definition, something that is deciduous will eventually fall out. Deciduous trees shed their leaves every year. Deciduous teeth are also meant to eventually fall out.

Permanent teeth are the last set of teeth a person gets. They should last a lifetime, although they do not always do that. When a baby tooth falls out, a permanent tooth replaces it. When a permanent tooth falls out, it is gone forever.

Some of the Physical Differences

The first physical difference is the number of baby teeth compared to permanent teeth. Most people have 20 baby teeth and 32 permanent teeth. The makeup of the teeth is also different. The enamel of the baby tooth is thinner. The roots of those teeth are also smaller. This is because they are not supposed to last forever like the permanent teeth.

What is not different between the two types of teeth, is the need to care for them. It is important to follow a good oral health routine, even before the baby teeth ever come in. The practices learned taking care of the baby teeth can help a person care for their permanent teeth and can lead to fewer problems later on.

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