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Signs you May Have Recurrent Cavities
Posted on 10/25/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Cavities can be quite discomforting and can make your life feel like a living hell. The problem is that they come from something we love so much: food. Sometimes, the cavities can pass by without us even knowing they're there, and may keep recurring and making our mouths feel like disasters...

How to Tell if You Grind Your Teeth While Asleep
Posted on 10/15/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
We all have different habits at night including talking in our sleep, tossing and turning, some people even have the habit of raising their arms up in the air.  The most problematic habitat night someone can have for their oral health is if they grind their teeth. Grinding your teeth is...

How Gums and Teeth Can Get Damaged from Chewing on Ice
Posted on 9/25/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
In the heat of the summer, a cold drink filled with ice is a great way to cool off. However, if you have a habit of chewing on ice as you enjoy your beverage, you're likely putting your teeth and gums at risk. These are a few ways that your mouth could be injured by chewing on ice. What...

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