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Dental Crowns
Eugene, OR

Dental Crowns by dentist in Eugene, OR.
If you have ever heard someone referring to a crown in their mouth, you may have known exactly what they were talking about, but some people may have no clue. A crown is something like a cap that is slipped over your tooth to either give it a more attractive appearance or to help preserve it if the surface has been compromised. Fortunately, a crown can be a very beneficial addition for many people who have damaged or badly stained teeth, which through the help Eugene Dental Group, you could learn something about improving your smile.

Why You May Need a Crown

Teeth that have weakened biting surfaces or have needed a root canal may be recommended for a new crown. Also, a crown can also be used to strengthen the surrounding teeth around an extraction to prepare for a bridge or partial. For those who may have had extensive fillings in any particular tooth, it could help protect your tooth from further damage to armor your enamel with a supportive cap.

Crowns are also used to cover dental implants following dental implant placement procedures.

Others may feel a lack of self-confidence with how their smile appears. Discoloration of the enamel and eroded or chipped teeth can make some people very uncomfortable with revealing their teeth, but crowns can cover up any problem areas, including gaps. This can give the semblance of a healthy smile to the most unfortunate-looking tooth without having to resort to extraction or replacements.

How Crowns May Benefit You

Crowns come in different types of materials depending on what your specific needs might be. While they are more visible than other materials, gold is generally the most common element used for molars. It can be incredibly strong and durable enough for the sustainable chewing force required of back teeth for eating.

All-ceramic crowns are better for front teeth, as they can be more discreet. The material can be fragile and susceptible to chipping, which is another reason it is not used for the back teeth. Ceramic crowns can be used to mask small gaps and can be modeled to match the color of the surrounding teeth, so they are less likely to be noticeable.

Combining metal and ceramic can make for a strong and convincing treatment which is often preferred by many patients. The only issue is that if your gums start to recede, the metal could be revealed. This is why it is important to continue optimal dental care, even after receiving a crown. Even though it looks perfectly healthy, it still requires the same care and consideration of your other teeth.

Receiving a crown can be a simple process. The damaged part of the tooth is removed, and an impression is made through a special type of dental putty. It is then sent to the lab and you are given a temporary filling until your replacement is ready. The entire procedure takes less than two weeks and can give you back the durability of your natural smile.

To learn more about crowns and how they could benefit your lifestyle, give us here at Eugene Dental Group a call at (541) 683-8646, and we will be happy to help you set up an appointment for a consultation.
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