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How Your Mouth Tries to Heal During Sleep

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
How Your Mouth Tries to Heal During SleepSleeping is a period of time where your body is healing itself to prepare for the next day. During a sleep stage, your body is producing white blood cells that attack harmful bacteria. This is effective for dealing with sickness such as a cold or flu, but did you also know that your mouth is also part of this healing process?

Today, we will be discussing the various ways your mouth heals when you are sound asleep. If you are the type to stay up late and wake up early, you might want to change those habits!


Your mouth can have many things happen to it, one of those things is known as canker sores - harmless, but painful sores that appear inside the mouth, usually below the bottom lip. Much like wounds, canker sores heal faster with sleep by using white blood cells to prevent the bacteria that are trying to halt the healing from taking over.

Another way sleep can help your mouth is when you are recovering from surgery. Taking it easy after surgery is the best way to cope with the healing process and sleeping for 8 hours at a time means an 8-hour window of pure recovery. If you recently had a surgical procedure, going to bed earlier if possible, will make the recovery easier for you.

Sleep Also Helps with A Clean Mouth

Not only does sleep aid with healing but sleeping can also help you keep a better mouth. Many folks rinse after brushing, but this is counterproductive. It is actually better to not rinse after spitting out toothpaste to ensure the fluoride sits on your teeth for the guaranteed 8 hours of no food, candy, or beverages entering your mouth.

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