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Does Tooth Sensitivity After Whitening Wear Off?

Posted on 3/25/2020 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Does Tooth Sensitivity After Whitening Wear Off?Probably the best choice for tooth surface staining is to brighten teeth. There are a few alternatives and items utilized for teeth brightening, and it very well may be performed at home or professionally at our dental office. However, numerous individuals frequently experience sensitive teeth at the beginning of the brightening process.

If you have gums and enamel that are sensitive after whitening it is usually brief and wears off, normally within a few weeks after you have completed the procedure with the bleach.

However, the frequency and severity of tooth sensitivity very well might be determined by the strategies being used, the bleaching product's quality, and each individual reaction to the substances and methods of the varying products and substances in each of those products. One should always read carefully the ingredients on any package before just using such a product to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

What Can Be Done to Help Tooth Sensitivity?

There are a few items or procedures that are used quite frequently in the treatment of tooth sensitivity or what is otherwise called dentin extreme hypersensitivity.  The first would be to lower the dosage or amount of the brightening product. If that does not work, you would then try to decrease the quantity of tray whitening put on and time allotment that you leave it on. You would then gradually increase that allotment more and more with each individual treatment.

Other things that can be done are to just try and not do the whitening for a small period of time and see if that helps, or ask at our dental office if there is a desensitizing remedy that we can recommend or that we can apply topically for you at the office or alternatively recommend a tooth sensitivity product for a gel or toothpaste that would be best for you. You should also be using a very soft bristled toothbrush during this time of extreme sensitivity. Another recommendation would be to try and change your diet for a few days and stay away from extreme temperature drinks.

If you are having any concerns about your upcoming dental visit, if you any questions at all about any tooth sensitivity you are having due to a whitening procedure you have either done at home or in our office, or you would like to inquire about having a tooth whitening procedure, we urge you to call our office. We are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your visit.
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