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Drinks to Avoid if You Want Fewer Dental Stains

Posted on 3/15/2020 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Drinks to Avoid if You Want Fewer Dental StainsEveryone wants to have the whitest teeth that they can – and part of helping you achieve that is knowing which drinks to avoid the most so that your smile can stay it's brightest and you can be at your most confident.

Let's get right down to it – what to avoid. Most of these are all drinks we love to consume, but you really need to be aware of how they affect your oral health and your teeth.

Coffee and Tea Top the List

First up should be coffee and tea, as they are one of the most common culprits of discolored teeth. How come? The combination of the acids and tannins in coffee and tea wears down the enamel of your teeth and thus they eventually stain them. But, believe it or not, tea will actually stain your teeth more than coffee.

Wine Comes In Next
Red wine would be next on the list. Red wine is especially acidic and also contains tannins. So, if you want to keep your teeth as white as they can be, it is best to really try and limit your intake of the red wine. Another bit of bad news is that if you are thinking you will just switch to white wine instead, you should know that it can stain your teeth just as much as red wine.

Dark Cola Stains the Teeth

Cola drinks are especially dark and contain a great deal of acid and is the blame for many stained and discolored teeth. To boot, cola drinks just aren't recommended for you, nutritionally either. The reasons to avoid colas are pretty simple – they are loaded down with both sugar and calories and contain very few, in fact, if any real beneficial nutrients. Not drinking cola will not only keep your teeth whiter, it will also help your waistline.

Sports Drinks Can Add Some Major Stains

Sports drinks are one you may not have considered to be on the list, but the rich color in a lot of the sports drinks can and does also stain teeth. These drinks also contain a great deal of sugar. Since there are some added benefits for these drinks in terms of recovery after exercising – it is recommended that you try and choose some of the brands of reduced sugar sports drinks that are light in color such as white or clear drinks.

If you have concerns about the discoloring of your teeth or wish to inquire about whitening or any other service or to make your 6-month checkup appointment, please just call the office and we will get you scheduled in for a consult as soon as possible.
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