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Talking About Your Dental Fears Could Help Us Treat You More Effectively

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Talking About Your Dental Fears Could Help Us Treat You More EffectivelyAre you afraid of the dentist? All of us are afraid of something. Some of us are worried about cats. Other people are worried about enclosed spaces, while many of us have an abiding fear of our in-laws.

While some of those fears are easily laughed away, there are fears that may cost us our health- at least our oral health. While many people are afraid of the dentist, you need to let us know that you have a problem. It is only when you tell us about your dental fears that we can treat your problem and make sure you have good oral health.

How We Can Handle Dental Phobia

Before we do anything else, we will sit down and talk to you about your fears. Every patient has a specific fear they need to talk about. For some of our patients, it is the thought of being in pain. For other patients, it is those sharp dental tools that we have on the table. Other people don't like having to hear their teeth being scraped. There are lots of different fears about the dentist that people have, and we want to be the first one to tell you- we want to help you over your fears- and get you into a great oral hygiene routine.

We have solutions for all of those problems. There are relaxation techniques we can use to help you ease into dental procedures. We can also talk to you about medication to help you relax and calm your fears. There are many types of sedation and medication techniques we can use to help make your visit to us as stress-free as possible.

Are you worried about visiting us? Why not give us a call and let us help you get over your fears of visiting us? Call us today!
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