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What You Can Do to Calm Sensitive Teeth

Posted on 11/25/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
What You Can Do to Calm Sensitive TeethHaving sensitive teeth is often a common problem that many of our dental patients face when they first come to see us, or our current clients have developed over time.

Sensitive teeth happen when you find yourself feeling pain or discomfort when your teeth encounter hot or cold foods and drinks. The Academy of General Dentistry released a study detailing over 35 million instances (mostly adults) across the country, who are suffering from sensitive teeth symptoms and conditions.

The way to distinguish symptoms and determine if what you are experiencing is sensitivity in your teeth, you will often feel a needlelike and spasmodic pain, but it is fleeting. It may even go as deep as the nerve endings in your teeth, or just be a surface pain. Regardless of which type of pain you are experiencing, our dental surgeons can assist you with treatment options and ongoing preventative maintenance to improve the severity of your symptoms.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are not limited to a certain demographic, age group or pre-disposition. Anyone can experience sensitivity to different temperatures, or merely from brushing your teeth. Avoid brushing too harshly and try using a medium or soft bristled brush. Cracked teeth that have become full of bacteria is another cause of sensitive teeth.

Long term use of over the counter mouthwash that contains tons of acid is also another cause of sensitive teeth. You can also feel this type of pain or discomfort immediately after having a dental procedure or work done in our office, but again, it will be temporary.

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

In the meantime, we have the best dental professionals on standby ready to customize a treatment and prevention plan with you. If nothing else seems to be working for you, it's time to come in for a visit. Don't try to cover up your mouth and power through the pain.

Sensitive teeth are often the first initial signs of something more serious happening with your dental health and it's important you have our professionals look. You could have a broken filling, a worn tooth with nerves exposed, or gum disease. Schedule your consultation today!
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