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How to Tell if You Grind Your Teeth While Asleep

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
How to Tell if You Grind Your Teeth While AsleepWe all have different habits at night including talking in our sleep, tossing and turning, some people even have the habit of raising their arms up in the air.  The most problematic habitat night someone can have for their oral health is if they grind their teeth.

Grinding your teeth is actually termed bruxism. Experts estimate that 40 million Americans grind their teeth during the night and 10 percent do it intensely enough to significantly damage their teeth, fillings, and crowns.

Signs I May Have Bruxism

If your partner has told you have a loud screeching sound that comes through your mouth at times it is usually teeth being ground. When done lightly, it has an odd sound. If you have patches on your molars that are flattened smooth or have fractured, chipped, or loose teeth. You probably have bruxism. Tooth pain or sensitivity may also help you notice it. One sign most people don't recognize is waking up with a sore jaw for no reason. 

When to See Our Office

See us if you have any of the symptoms listed above or have other concerns about your teeth or jaw. When you grind your teeth, you can expose channels down into the root, making it easy for bacteria to form and travel to the center of the tooth.  Bruxism results in cavities in the grinding area quickly. If you notice that your child is grinding his or her teeth — or has other signs or symptoms of bruxism — be sure to mention it at your child's next dental appointment with us.

It may seem like such an odd thing however, as mentioned in the beginning, there are millions that suffer from bruxism and don't even realize they have it. If you or a loved one is suffering from it call us today. We will get you scheduled and checked over. Following a visit, we can go over the different options available to protect your teeth in the future.
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