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Most People Don't Realize How Bad Cough Drops Can Be on Your Teeth

Posted on 6/25/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Most People Don't Realize How Bad Cough Drops Can Be on Your TeethWhen you get sick, it's only natural to reach for something that'll help you feel better. If you're coughing, one of the items in your arsenal will probably be cough drops.

Unfortunately, while they may help you stop coughing, they could be doing some harm to your teeth. This is because you probably don't realize how much sugar is in each cough drop.

The Amount of Sugar in Cough Drops

Looking at a package of cough drops you'll find that each individual cough drop has about 3 or 4g of sugar in it. While this may not sound like much, it's a lot when you look at the size of the cough drop itself. Now also think about the fact that you're holding a cough drop in your mouth for a few minutes at a time. This gives the sugar a lot of time in which it can become stuck to your teeth.

Why Sugar Matters So Much?

Sugar can damage your teeth. Typically, high levels of it will result in tooth decay because sugar feeds the bacteria that's already present in your mouth. This entire cycle is also setting you up to have your tooth enamel become eroded. The only way you can possibly prevent this from happening is by brushing your teeth after every time you have a cough drop. You'll be able to know this is happening before you even come into our office for your routine dental exam because you'll feel your teeth start to grow sensitive.

Another reason cough drops are so bad for your teeth is because they can stain them. You'll know this is happening simply by looking at what the cough drop is doing to your tongue. If you see any staining there, you'll know that the cough drop contains acid and is also staining your teeth.

For more information about how cough drops effect your teeth, give our office a call.
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