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What Whitening Does to Your Tooth Enamel

Posted on 5/15/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
What Whitening Does to Your Tooth EnamelIf you are looking to reboot your smile because you feel like it has become discolored you may consider tooth whitening. This is something we do offer in our office, but it is not without its risks.

If you are planning on using an at home whitening system, please do check with us first so that we can ensure that your teeth are in good enough shape to handle the process. So what does whitening do to your tooth enamel? Let's take a look.

Correcting Discoloration

Over time our teeth tend to change color from bright white to darker yellow and sometimes even brown. This is a result of many things, including the foods we eat, the beverages we drink and even smoking and tobacco use plays a part, not to mention simply aging can cause your teeth to yellow. Regular cleanings help to remove the external stains and keep your smile shining, but you may feel like you would like to bleach them and get them shining again.

Many over the counter tooth whitening systems only cover extrinsic whitening. In other words, they only whiten the outer part of the tooth. Unfortunately, most of these extrinsic whitening techniques really aren't safe for your oral health. In addition to weakening the enamel on your teeth, they unnecessarily expose your gums to harsh chemicals that can be dangerous.

Over the counter whiteners can also make your teeth unusually sensitive. This is because these types of whiteners weaken your tooth enamel and leave your teeth vulnerable to hot and cold temperatures in addition to leaving them more susceptible to bacteria and decay.

Before you purchase an over the counter tooth whitening system, please give our office a call and come in for a consultation. We want your smile to shine just as much as you do, so let us help you!
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