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What Makes Up Composite Resin?

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
What Makes Up Composite Resin?If you ask someone how we treat a cavity, they probably will tell you that you get a filling. That is fairly common knowledge. If you ask a person what that filling is, you are more likely to get a shrug of the shoulders. Most people do not know what kind of material we use for fillings. They have no idea why we prefer using a composite resin and what the benefits of it are.

Different Types of Fillings

There are several options when it comes to fillings. The one that many people are familiar with is the silver amalgam resin. These fillings are the ones that people can spot in the mouth because of their silver color. Gold fillings are another type that people spot easily. These types of fillings also contain other materials. Other options include ceramic, plastic and composite resins. There are pluses and minuses to all the different types.

Understanding Composite Resins

The composite resins contain a combination of different materials. The resin used for these fillings can wear easily. It can also shrink and create other problems. The solution is to add other fillers to the resin to turn it into the composite resin. This allows it to erode less and to last longer.

Benefits of Composite Resin

The thing most people are interested in when it comes to composite resins is the benefits and the downsides that this product offers.

•  Appearance - The composite resin can look like the natural tooth.
•  Bonding - The product adheres to the tooth better.
•  Versatility - Composite resins are useful for many different applications and can help fix chipped, broken or worn teeth in addition to filling cavities.
•  Remove less material - This product does not require the removal of as much material to use.
•  Durability - Composite resin fillings are not as durable.
•  Cost - They can cost double what other fillings cost.
•  Take longer - It takes longer to put in the composite resin fillings and may require additional visits.

Before choosing composite resin fillings, it is best to learn why they can help and if they are the right choice for you.

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