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Latest Posts:

How to Manage the Eruption of Wisdom Teeth
Posted on 8/15/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Your teeth grow in stages during your lifetime. Your first set of teeth or your baby teeth begin to emerge when you are around 6 months old. They start to fall out and are replaced by your adult teeth around 6 years of age. By the time you reach your teen years, most of your adult teeth are in...

Dangers of Using a Toothbrush That Has Too Hard of Bristles
Posted on 7/23/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
The next time you buy a toothbrush, take a close look at its packaging and you'll see that it's either marked as “soft bristles” or “firm bristles.” You'll want to avoid buying a toothbrush with hard bristles, opting for one that has soft bristles instead. This...

Best Materials for Less Noticeable Fillings
Posted on 7/13/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Most of our patients end up having at least one filling. It is difficult to go through life without any dental decay. You may have the best oral health habits in the world, but there will always be some particle of food or some bit of acid that you can't reach. These cause the silent cavities....

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